Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mr. Perfect

MBS confirmed something for me this morning. It was something I've suspected for quite a while now: I am, in fact, Mr. Perfect. A study of 40,000 women in the UK proved it! The 20 features that make Mr. Perfect so darn perfect:
  1. At least 5ft 10in (Check. I'm 6'0" exactly)
  2. Good looking. (MBS insists I am. I trust her opinion :))
  3. 12 1/2 stone (Check. That's 175 lbs., to the UK-impared. I'm actually only 175 during race season, but I'm 6'0", so I'm giving myself a "check" on this one.)
  4. Earns $[amount]. (Check)
  5. Blue eyes. (Check)
  6. Short dark-brown hair. (Check. VERY short, in my case... what's left of it. But I'm gonna be generous to myself here)
  7. Medium build. (Check)
  8. BA degree. (Check. Actually, a BS, close enough)
  9. Never been married. (Check)
  10. No children. (Check)
  11. Three previous serious relationships. (Check, depending on how you define "serious" :-))
  12. Clean-shaven. (Check)
  13. Drives silver Mercedes. (Missed this one. Oh well)
  14. Enjoys cinema. (Check)
  15. Likes eating out. (Check)
  16. Has had fewer than six sexual partners. (No comment)
  17. Owns a [price] home. (The price of the home is TEN TIMES the income stated in quality #4. That's absurd! I do own a house, though. I'll give myself 1/2 check on this one)
  18. Doesn't smoke (Check)
  19. Dislikes football (Check. This survey was done in the U.K., so I think they meant "soccer". But I like neither American football nor soccer)
  20. Like pets. (CHECK!!!)
Thankfully, "Demonstrates humility" wasn't on the list :-)