Tuesday, July 07, 2009

2009: Mid-year review

I appear to have moved all of my web activity over to Twitter. My tweets feed automatically to my Facebook page. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I don't want to write full blog postings any more. Still... It is getting late in the year, and I've only made a handful of posts to this blog in 2009. Someone asked me how I was doing on my focus areas for 2009 (see my previous post for more details). Here's the rundown:
  1. [My relationship with Mary Beth] Got married at the end of May. The ceremony was awesome. I still haven't finished organizing the photos, but you can see the pre-processed mess of them at SmugMug.
  2. [Food] I'm hit or miss here. I still eat too much crap when I don't eat mindfully.
  3. [Writing] Haven't been doing any. And it shows :-).
  4. [Caffeine] 100% off caffeine. I've occasionally had it when I had no viable alternatives, but I'm not addicted any more. I was hitting caffeine free soda for a while, but I'm off that, too.
  5. [Run streak] Still going strong! I'll hit 500 days in a row on Monday.
  6. [30 minutes of movement per day] Doing a good job with this. But I could still do more moving and less TV watching.
  7. [100 pushups] Not even close. I was making progress early in the year when I was in competition with the fellas at work, but after a job switch I lost all momentum on this one.
  8. [Simplifying finances] Mary Beth and I are making good progress here. The wedding and job switch complicated things quite a bit, but we're making an effort to keep things simple.
  9. [Getting up earlier] Doing much better here, but it still doesn't feel natural.