Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Worry vs. Concern

Yesterday, I was talking to my father about Dreyfus' recent appetite loss. I mentioned how worried I was, even though I knew I was doing all "the right things" for Dreyfus. I was frustrated because I knew worrying wasn't helping the situation. My father, talented engineer that he is, applied Occam's Razor to the problem and simply stated:
Worry doesn't help. Concern does.
I've been thinking about that phrase a lot since he said it. I reviewed the major choices I've made (or failed to make when needed) over the past several years. Surprise, surpise: The choices that led to growth were often motivated by concern, and the choices (or failures to chose) that did harm were often motivated by worry. Oops! Live and learn, I guess. (Oh, and Dad, if you are reading this: You have redeemed yourself for that whole "failure to solve an automobile problem" thing the other week :-))