Friday, February 03, 2006

I love my dog!

I want the world to know that I love my dog infinitely. Two minutes ago, I let him out for his pre-bedtime peepee, and I did so without using his leash. I was very scared to let him outside without his leash (I've never done that before!), but he did his peepee without any fuss, and came back to me immediately when I called him. I have rewarded him with a full-body scratchfest, two big strips of bacon flavored Beggin' Strips, and all the kisses he cared to give me. But I also wanted to give him some external gratification in the form of a blog entry. I know I'm a jerk for thinking this, but: I hope Dreyfus's orginal owner (who apparently dumped him when he started having seizures) someday reads this blog, sees how much love Dreyfus and I have for each other, and feels like the Biggest Loser Ever for having lost the opportunity to feel what I'm feeling right now. I also want to give a big "Thanks!" to all the people who helped me and Dreyfus get together (SU, JS, JM, LW, LL, SH, etc.), and an equally big "Screw you!" to the jerk who abandoned Dreyfus this time last year. Thanks also to Dr. Crawford, who helped Dreyfus and me find a good medicine dosage... he hasn't had a seizure since November 11, 2005! Woohoo!