Friday, October 14, 2005

Home Sweet (new) Home

To everyone who has been phoning or emailing to ask: The move to PA was smooth and easy. I left Raleigh at 8:43AM this morning, arrived here at 4:30ish, and was in my aparment by 5:00PM. I'm typing this from my comfy leather chair, in my new apartment, at 8:46PM. One of my neighbors was nice enough not to secure their internet connection, so I have free wireless internet until I get my own hooked up :-). Dreyfus didn't mind the ride. He had a big, flat seat on which to rest. He put his head on my lap, napped a lot, and didn't complain. I enjoyed having him with me. He was a great travelling companion. Every apartment has at least one quirk. This apartment's quirk is the lack of a fan in the bathroom. But I have a gas stove, so I'll call it a wash. Although I loaded the truck entirely by myself (stupid!), I was smart enough to recruit a friend (thanks Bill!!!) for the unload. The two of us made short work of the heavy stuff. I still have to unload the lighter stuff. I start work Monday. I'm looking forward to it. Bill promises me I'll be busy :-). I suspect my commute will be bike-commutable. The road to work is busy, but has a fairly nice shoulder. Bill tells me there is a shower at work. I can walk to the YMCA in no time at all, so if you don't see me logging workouts on my triathlon blog, feel free to kick my butt. I have no excuses. My UHaul truck didn't have a governor on it. Driving a UHaul truck, while towing your own pickup truck, at 80mph, is... exciting, but only in the "I can't believe I'm stupid enough to be driving this fast" kind of way. A tip from your pal Mark: If you move to a new apartment, then go out to eat mexican food with a friend, make sure you have unloaded and unpacked at least one roll of toilet paper BEFORE you break in your new bathroom.