Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've been using Eclipse as my primary IDE for a very long time. While it has its strengths (e.g. integration with CVS, Java code editing), it also has a few weaknesses (e.g. integration with Subversion, no Swing GUI builder). Rumor has it that NetBeans is strong in the areas where Eclipse is weak, so I decided to take NetBeans for a testdrive. I downloaded the latest Mac version (*), installed it, and saw: Thanks, NetBeans! No description of the errors, and nothing that I can do about them even if I knew what they were. My relationship with NetBeans is not off to a smooth start.
(*) - Have I mentioned how much I like my MacBook Pro? Like a former TV crush of mine, I made the switch from Windows to Mac. I like my Mac so much I might have to dedicate a blog posting to it someday.