Tuesday, August 21, 2007

35 Down

This year's horoscope:
This year you have the creativity and drive to create a better platform, be it professionally or personally. You might often opt for brainstorming sessions and choose to work in situations with a diversity of opinions and ideas. If you are single, during 2007-2008 you could meet someone very important. This relationship might not always be easy, but it will probably endure. Be sure you want to be with this person, as bailing out might be close to impossible. If you are attached, focus on the creativity and energy that lie between you. Allow for greater exchnge. Sagitarius introduces fun into life.
Three "might"s, a "could", and a "probably". Quite the solid horoscope! The marketing folks say that "male 18-34" is the most sought-after demographic. Apparently men are supposed be all grown-up and responsible by age 35. I'm hoping my perpetual Peter Pan Complex earns me a few extra years of honorary membership in the 18-34 target group. Did I mention I recently purchased a radio controlled helicopter? What kind of grown-up adult would do such a thing? I'm still young at heart, right?